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Textile artists love colour. Rainbow Wools offers Landscape Dyes so you can add that touch of colour to your fibre, yarn or textile item. 

Landscape dyes are Australian made dyes that will add colour to your hand-dyed fibres, yarns and fabric. Reflecting the colours of the Australian landscape and the native flora and fauna, these colours will mesmerise you and enhance your textile creations. Designed for wool and silk and other protein fibres as well as nylon, Landscapes are colourfast, safe and easy to use.

Landscapes Originals are a palette of 36 rich colours while Landscapes Elements offers an additional 30 more subtle colours. There are also Sampler Kits available to get you started.

  • Landscapes Elements 100 grams

    Landscape Elements are an additional range of Landscape dyes inspired by various elements of the Australian environment. 30 beautiful colours to inspire your textile creativity. Suitable for protein fibres, yarns or fabric...

  • Landscapes Originals 100 grams

    Landscapes are colours inspired by the clarity of light and unique natural beauty of our Australian landscape. They have superior colour and light fastness on all protein fibres - wool, silk, mohair, alpaca in fibre, yarn or...

  • Sampler Kits available in Desert, Mountain, Coastal, Rural and Destinations from the Elements Range. Also available in Bright Primaries and Pale Primaries.

    Not sure where to begin with your dyeing experiments? Try a sampler kit that supplies you with everything you need for your first attempt. These dyes are suitable for protein (animal) fibres only NOT cotton or linen...