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Megalo Wool - felted craft yarn

A result of Australian creativity and Nepalese craftsmanship, Megalo wool is a new and truly unique yarn.  The brainchild of Tasmanian, Kerry McKenna, Megalo felted craft yarns are made in Nepal under the direction of Kerry through her Fair Trade Felting Company. The yarn making process begins with eco friendly dyeing of the wool fibre and ends with a unique hand felted yarn.

Imagine creating something beautiful and unique with these yarns, assured that craftswomen and men in Nepal are fairly paid and respected for their craft.

  • 10mm Megalo

    Larger than ordinary. A big yarn with big possibilities. Megalo hard crafting yarn comes in 3 sizes and 2 styles. The 5mm yarn is the size of a pencil and is firm but flexible enough to knit on size 20-25 needles. The 10mm,...