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Textile Indulgence

Textile Indulgence is a range of kits and handmade textile products desgned and created by owner of Rainbow Wools, Sue Walker.

The range is in its infancy and includes throw rugs, wraps, scarves, beanies and cowls as well as kits to allow you create your own beautiful textiles.

Handmade items are made with yarns from Rainbow Wools and typically involve the textile crafts of hand dyeing, crochet, knitting or weaving. 

Kits are created from yarns sourced from various suppliers and aome may include hand dyed yarns.

  • Knitted linen throw rug in plum, lime and tangerine

    A heavy weight linen throw rug in almost edible colours - plum, lime and tangerine. This rug measures 1.5 metres by 65 centimetres. Beautiful as a decorative throw or functional enough for the cool Spring and Autumn evenings...

  • Functional textile art. This hand twined container made from hard felted Megalo wool will be a functional centrepiece in any room.

    This sturdy hand twined container will become a textural centrepiece in your room. It weighs 2 kg and can be both functional and aesthetic. Measurements- Height 34cm Inside diameter 24cm Outside diameter 34cm Outside...

  • Mercerised cotton towel

    Handwoven in a twill pattern from 4 ply mercerised cotton in colours reminiscent of a summer by the sea. In blues and green with stripes of soft yellow and white, this item would suit a decor of white and blues, as a light...